Posted on: July 3, 2011 4:57 pm

Lockout equals uncertain fantasy season

How will the ongoing lockout affect the upcoming season? Well, one aspect of football that no one is talking about is fantasy? Companies like the one and only CBS, could lose millions of dollars in revenue if there is no football season due to the loss of fantasy business. Who cares right? You claim to not be one of the "geeks" who spends hours in the war room for the crucial draft, or drafts, in front of your computer. The fact of the matter is, millions of dollars are spent and wagered on fantasy football and an extended lockout in the NFL will also trickle down to the fantasy football fanatics in this world.

**Consider this: If the NFL doesn't stabilize and offer a regular season, websites like CBSsports, Yahoo, ESPN, and many others will lose their fantasy leagues. Websites are dependent on these leagues for advertising sales and will simply lose this revenue and have no means of replacing it. We are talking millions of dollars and millions of views for potential advertisers.

**The NBA Lockout could be a double whammy for fantasy ballers if they follow suit. As a fantasy gamer who plays every sport that has a ball involved, I would be devestated at the leagues which take up so much of my real job work day.  I see no way that the NBA or NFL season starts on time. As a 15 year veteran of fantasy football, I couldn't imagine doing a draft with all the "what if's?" we have coming up this fall and winter.

The only solution I see is hopping on the college football fantasy landscape which I personally think is terrible. For all of my fellow fantasy ballers out there, let's hope we get a resolution quickly. Otherwise, I will be forced to read Greg Doyel articles and argue about who's tougher and was a better athlete in high school.

To the NFL and NBA: Your not only hurting your fan base, you are destroying the fantasy world. Please, please, please don't make us start following curling to get our fantasy itch in. (I have been studying the best rock throwers though, I got England's #4 as my first round pick this upcoming season.)

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